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Episode 18 -“High-Heeled Horseshoes- Sexy?”

September 22, 2012

Episode 18 of the show is now available at the libsyn site. CLICK HERE to go there for the download.  You can also download the show from iTunes.

SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE!  If a podcast can have friends, then the Pod People Podcast is one of the best friends that Bombast has.  If you don’t know, that show has a focus on Young Adult fiction, and for this episode, we cross over with the hosts of Pod People, Emily White and Vic Caswell.  We start off the episode with a round of the game show, “Hip Hop Artist or Superhero?”.  From there, we move on to Matt’s homework assignment for the show, which was to get a date and go to the GZA concert, how to pick up chicks while buying tires, and we talk about Phil’s novel, “Peter Brown Goes to Boston”, and Phil talks about Emily’s YA novel, “Elemental”, which he just finished reading.  We also talk about a tendency of male character in YA to be what girls wished guys were like, and we compare that to unrealistic women characters in superhero comics.  If you listen further, you’ll find out the reason that Phil needs to go see a Twilight movie in the theater, and you’ll hear Mat ramble on about the Bill Murray movie, “What about Bob?”.  We round out the end of the show with the epic topic, Sexiest Male and Female Superheroes.  The topic does derail briefly into a disagreement about Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” (1992).  We laugh a lot during this episode, and I hope you enjoy it, dear listener, because we had blast recording it.

Things discussed on the Show (links)
Peter Brown Goes to Boston – a novel by Philip Jacke
Elemental – a novel by Emily White
Pod People Podcast

Strange Stories featuring the pets of Supergirl and Superman – iO9 article

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