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Episode 14 – “CAKE Chicago 2012 and the truth about lightsabers”

July 8, 2012

Episode 13 of the show is now available at the libsyn site.

CLICK HERE to there for the download.  You can also download the show from iTunes, or listen to it on the iPhone/Android app Stitcher.

In this show, Bombast Podcast visits the first ever CAKE show.  CAKE is the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, and there are plenty of artist interviews, and comicky goodness.  We have interviews with:
The Silence of Our Friends cover by Nate Powell

Nate Powell, the cartoonist on several books including Swallow Me Whole, Any Empire, and the Silence of Our Friends.
JP Pollard, the creator of the Thomas Versus the Monsters comic book, and the Fear is the Mind Killer 24-hour comic.

Spike, the brains behind the webcomic/graphic novel series Templar, AZ.

Betsey Swardlick, cartoonist, CCS graduate, and organizing force behind the Werewolf anthology.

Julia Wertz, the cartoonist of Drinking at the Movies,, and the forthcoming “The Infinite Wait and Other Stories

Lisa Hanawalt,  an artist, illustrator and cartoonist who is the woman responsibly for the forthcoming book, My Dirty Dumb Eyes, published by Drawn & Quarterly.

Domitille Collardey, the creator of various comics in French and English, and the mini-comics series, What Had Happened Was.

Walker Mettling, who was representing the PCC Showcase, with Providence Comics Consortium.  PCC runs a program where they do comics workshop with kids at public libraries, and then publish the collections of those comics.

After that there is a strange glimpse into the music business that must be heard to be believed.  End of the show topics include Superman vs Aliens, Superman vomiting, Marvel vs Capcom, Megaman and the the band that Megaman inspired, The Protomen, Mummies vs Zombies, and the need for a full-on Frankenstein craze.  And don’t you want to answer the question we pose, “Who is the new character sensation of the year?” Is it Astro Duck, Skater Dude, or Strong Shark?  And of course, because things were not ridiculous enough, we talk for a solid minute about how great lightsabers are.

Also — the webcomic we mention being hilarious is hark a vagrant, and you should check it out.  NOW!

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