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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

July 4, 2012

spider-man is the best comic book superhero of all time. fo’ realz. his original origin story from amazing fantasy #15 is still one of the best origin stories you’ll find. it’s one of the few comic books that genuinely holds up 50 YEARS LATER. and his early adventures in the comic book “the amazing spider-man” get to the heart right away and have one of the best opening runs of all time. so whenever you slap the name “spider-man” on a movie, i’ll be there.

one thing i was most excited for is the lizard’s big screen debut. the lizard is actually a pretty good villain to choose for your spider-man reboot. he is one of the first of spider-man’s rogue gallery, first appearing in amazing spider-man #6. but more importantly, if the stated theme of spider-man is that “with great power comes great responsibility” then the lizard is a warning about what happens when great power is used irresponsibly. you become a monster.

some great todd mcfarlane art from spider-man: torment

unfortunately, the version of the lizard that pops up in the movie is not that interesting. i don’t know why, but it felt like all of the stuff involving the lizard was written by someone who did not write the rest of the movie. his motivations were basically to be villainous because that’s what villains do. his character is pretty uninteresting and kind of easy to ignore.

the villain looks even worse next to some of the rest of the cast who is incredible. andrew garfield is perfect as peter parker. he hit all the right notes between funny and serious and awkward and emotional and geeky and he SOLD the character. i loved hearing spider-man finally give his one-liners while taking down hoodlums THE WAY THAT HE’S SUPPOSED TO. i almost wished that they left out the whole thing with the lizard so i could watch spider-man take down car-jackers for a few hours.


and don’t even get me started on how much better his web-shooters are than the organic web-shooters in the other spider-man movies.

also, emma stone as gwen stacy is pretty excellent. i tend to be more of an mj guy myself, but this movie has made me rethink that. i love the awkward flirting that her and peter parker get into. it was pretty well representative of every attempt i’ve ever made at flirting. emma stone was very successful in that she made this character who’s mostly famous for something that will probably be a spoiler in amazing spider-man 2 seem interesting.

“hey, um… maybe we could… uh… get together and do something sometime… or maybe something else instead…”

a lot of the other main characters were cast very well. martin sheen was a very good uncle ben, sally field was a great aunt may. heck, even denis leary was a pretty great captain stacy. one thing that i thought was missing was j jonah jameson. even though my former love for the previous spider-man movies has dwindled a bit, i could still watch all of the daily bugle scenes over and over again. hopefully this oversight will be rectified by amazing spider-man 2.

i have a couple of other negatives about this movie that bear mentioning. first of all, there is a problem with the sound in the movie. it could’ve been a problem with the imax theater that i saw it in, but the background music distracted me during some of the action sequences. i don’t think it’s just because of the volume, i actually think it just wasn’t very good for background music. it wasn’t thematic enough for you to leave the theater with it stuck in your head (see star wars), it wasn’t intense enough to play games with your blood pressure (see the dark knight), it was just kind of meandering around and going nowhere. also, there’s a problem when the only “pop” song was from the worst coldplay album, and not even the best or most popular song from that album.

also, the 3d was really unnecessary for almost the entire movie.

i know i’ve had a lot of negative things to say about this movie, so it might not seem like i liked it very much, but the stellar casting really covered over a lot of the problems i had with the movie. i give it 7.5 spider-hams out of 10

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  1. matthewjeske permalink
    July 4, 2012 5:36 pm

    there’s been a major problem with every villain in every Spider-man movie, except for maybe the Sandman. (who wasn’t all that thouroughly villainous.)

  2. Juan Carlos Montiel permalink
    December 14, 2012 7:39 pm

    I really liked the Spider-Man movies, except “Spider-Man 3.” That was kind of a let down. The way the characters were handled was utterly wrong. I really didn’t like the way Venom was portrayed. Way out of character.

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