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BRAVE spoiler-free-ish movie review

June 23, 2012

we’ve actually got a bunch of plans for future episodes, so we probably won’t be able to talk about the movie BRAVE (roll the r) on the show until it comes out in a 10th anniversary box-set…  so i thought i’d share my review on the blog.

my first impression immediately after watching the movie was that it was my favorite pixar movie.  i wasn’t a big fan of finding nemo, and i mostly only liked the first 10 minutes of up…  but then i started thinking about wall-e and toy story 3 and (to a lesser extent) toy story.  i probably don’t like this movie as much as those, but it’s still darn good.

i’ve always thought that pixar was trying to recreate the raw imagination and beauty of a studio ghibli movie, to varying degrees of success.  this is the first pixar movie that i liked in the same way i enjoyed princess mononoke or spirited away.  sometimes it’s intentional.  whenever i see the witch from BRAVE 

i have to see the witch from spirited away

but maybe that’s just me thinking all witches look the same.

also kind of looks the same to me

i’m trying to keep from telling too much about the story, because one of my favorite things about the movie was that the three act structure i had in my head going into the movie were not the same three acts that we got.  it’s very rare for a children’s movie to have a plot with any twists whatsoever in it, so that was a really awesome thing about this movie.  let’s just say that the movie is mostly about a mother and daughter learning how to let their relationship grow up.  this may replace aliens as my favorite mother’s day movie, if only because this is a movie i think my mom would actually enjoy watching.  i just wish that the dialogue was a little more like aliens.

“get away from her you B****!”

ACTUALLY, the movie is kind of like aliens, but instead of xenomorphs you get bears.  a whole lot of bears.  and instead of the bears slowly picking off a whole bunch of space aliens they run through the streams and grab fish and stuff.  so, not really like aliens at all.  but the bears, oh my!  there’s this bear:

and these bears:

and this bear:

except he looks more like this bear:

artist’s rendition. bear may not actually breathe fire.

so i could see that being too intense for some kids.  but i was lucky enough to see the movie with a friend who brought her children with, and they both seemed to enjoy it.  the first time merida shot a bow and arrow my friend’s daughter was completely checked into this movie, and even my friend’s son was laughing and enjoying the movie.  so, if that’s any indication, i think your kids will probably be okay.  the way the story works, merida probably acts more like a teenager than a little girl, so if your daughter is very young she may not entirely relate to the main character.  but i don’t think that would stop them from enjoying the movie.

also, we haven’t even mentioned my favorite characters in the movie.  these kids

steal every scene that they’re in.  i expect them to have their own sitcom soon.

so i thought the movie was actually pretty great, i don’t have much that’s very negative to say about it.  i guess the biggest negative was that the main character, merida, got a little bit overshadowed by some of the other great characters.  OH but the movie LOOKS great!  the humans look basically like computer generated cartoon people.  except i have NO IDEA how long they spent on their hair.  merida’s hair has so many individual layers of separately animated strands of hair i’m assuming that some animator went crazy and colored the hair with their own blood.  also, it’s apparent that by this time animators have mastered the use of cgi water.  everything looks 10X more realistic once it had water on it.

so, in the end it was a great movie, not pixar’s best but definitely up there.  i give it 9 bears out of 10.

fun fact:  according to wikipedia, the only species of bear that was ever indigenous to ireland was the brown bear and it was exterminated in the 11th century.  just sayin’

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  1. June 24, 2012 12:28 am

    grrreat review! i’m really hoping to take my sons to this one before they go to their grandma’s! 🙂

  2. janine permalink
    June 24, 2012 11:00 pm

    loved the review. i enjoyed the film a lot though i felt this plot was more Disney and less Pixar than most of their other films.

    • June 24, 2012 11:21 pm

      that’s true, but i also really like some of the old disney movies like snow white or sleeping beauty DON’T JUDGE ME

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