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Episode 11 – “Chicago Zine Fest and a Donald Duck Speech Therapist” Bombast Podcast

May 13, 2012

Episode 10 (!) of the show is now available at the libsyn site.
CLICK HERE to go there for the download.  You can also download the show from iTunes.

In this episode, we discuss which dead and supposedly dead performers we’d like to see in hologram form.  We also talk about: why neither one of us went to C2E2, Matt gives out trivia facts about the history of zines and fan fiction, Phil nearly accuses Janice Joplin of being a Klansman, and then Matt goes over the comics and Zines he bought at Chicago Zine Fest: Invincible Summer/Clutch, Paper Cutter, Rum Lad, Eat or Be Meatball, Toasty Cats, Beards, Simple Routines, Press Start and Fight, and Pigeon Life.  We move on to discuss when you need to blow on a comic, hitch-hiking, and hoboing, before discussing Donald Duck.  With Donald, we tackle the hard questions.  Why does he never wear pants?  What’s up with the way he talks?  And what’s up with this WWII anti-nazi propaganda cartoon: The Fuerher’s Face?

I’m working on posts for the mini-comics and stuff I got at Chicago Zine Fest.
The first post is Here: PART 1

Comments, questions, and complaints about the show can be directed to bombastpodcast [at]


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