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Stuff I got at Chicago Zine Fest -Part 1

May 12, 2012

A while ago, I want to Chicago Zine Fest, as discussed on Bombast Podcast episode 11.  Here is a rundown of the books I picked up!

Clutch / Invinvible Summer issue

Invincible Summer #16 / Clutch #21
by Nicole J Georges and Clutch McBastard
A split zine with fun slice-of-life stories
You can get it from

.Papercutter#8 Tugboat Press Corinne Mucha

Papercutter #10

Papercutter #17 Tugboat Press
Papercutter #8, #10 and #17
by Corinne Mucha, Elijah Brubaker, Jeremy Tinder, Vanessa Davis, Jesse Reklaw, Minty Lewis, Jason Martin, Francois Vigneault and various.
A great indie comics anthology.  A mix of slice-of-life, fantasy, whimsy, and memoir.  I particularly liked the story where all the charaters are fruit.

Rum Lad Cover Steve Larder

Rum Lad Back Cover Steve Larder
interior artwork form Rum Lad 5 Steve Larder

Rum Lad #5
by Steve Larder
Rum Lad is the tour diary of Steve Larder in the band he’s in.  Cool snapshots of their time as the travel the country, see the different sights, play shows in bars, or the basements of houses, sleep on people’s floors and spend long hours in the van.
Eat Or be Meatball minicomics issue Liz Suburbia
Eat Or Be Meatball
by Liz Suburbia

If you only read one teenage punk rocker reincarnation story mixed with sci-fi court drama, this should be the one.  Also, check out Liz Suburbia’s long-form webcomic, “Sacred Heart” for free at her website!

Toasty Cats Magda Boreysza
Toasty Cats #3

Toasty Cats Features unsupervised kids in a dream-like post-disaster world.  Great and evocative artwork from Magda Boreysza.

by Magda Boreysza


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