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And now for a little player hating… Radiohead Edition

November 24, 2011

So if you haven’t listened to our most recently released episode (and you definitely should), the topic of discussion was music.  I went ahead and listed Radiohead as one of the most overrated bands ever.  Anyways, I found this blog post by Dave Lartigue that expresses some thoughts about Radiohead that are similar to mine, and puts them into words more eloquently than I could manage.  I liked this quote:

I also admit that I have a bad habit of letting something’s fans detract from my enjoyment of the thing itself, and Radiohead fans are extremely…vocal. Apparently you can’t be into Radiohead halfway. You’re either in it to win it or you’re an idiot with no musical taste who should go back to listening to N’Sync. So that could be a big part of it. After all, there are very few bands that could, to me, hold up to the kind of rabid word-of-mouth that Radiohead’s gotten.

also I liked this part.

Whatever the reason, I need to brace myself. They’ve got a new album coming out soon, and advance word is that it’s a work of genius which can cure cancer and end world hunger.

Anyway, check it out here at the excellent blog, “Dave Ex Machina”

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