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Bonus Content for Episode 3

October 28, 2011

Episode 3 will be available for listening and download soon, but in the meantime… here are some of the things we discuss on the show.

We (Phil, Janine and I) recorded the episode after watching the movie “The Thing”  and that’s one of the main things we discuss on the show.

Michael Bay re-used footage from his own movie The Island in one of the Transformers movies.  In the old days, hack B-movie directors and producers like Roger Corman used to use stock footage to save money.  In our current world of filmaking, Michael Bay, director of some of the most expensive (and profitable) moves, ever… is basically creating his own stock footage for use later… all on the investor’s dime!  What chutzpah!

Here’s another one… unbelievable.

And speaking of that Pearl Harbor movie, here’s my favorite joke about WWII movies, from the comic strip “Hark! A vagrant” by Kate Beaton.  It’s the third one down on the page.

Peace out!  keep your ears open for episode 3!

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  1. October 28, 2011 2:42 am

    hmmm… sounds interesting!
    loved the hand shot on the the thing trailer.
    waste not want not???
    i don’t see the big deal.
    maybe, i’m missing something…
    ohwell, i bet i’ll get it after the podcast, yay!

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