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Bombast Podcast Episode 3 “Bombast At The Movies!”

October 28, 2011

I have exciting news!  Episode 3 of the podcast is out!  This episode is Episode 3 -“Bombast at the Movies: The Thing with Janine”  We discuss the recent movie “The Thing” based on the older movie from director John Carpenter.  We also discuss a lot of other stuff.  I think the episode is pretty appropriate for Halloween weekend.  This is actually episode 4, because Phil and I recorded another episode, but that one will probably be the next one I release.  So anyway, episode 4 became episode 3.  (Not that anyone cares, I’m sure.)
The Thing (2011) movie poster

Bombast Podcast Episode 3 is now available for download at the the libsyn page.  It’s a standard MP3 file.

Click Here to Go There
The Episode is also available in the iTunes store, where you could easily subscribe.  Just go the category for podcasts, and do a search for Bombast Podcast.
In Episode 3, Phil and Matt are joined by special guest Janine after watching The Thing in the movie theater.  Naturally, the Thing (2011) and the original John Carpenter/Kurt Russell “The Thing” from the 1980s are the main jumping off point of the conversation.  Topics discussed include suspense, movies in the 1980s versus now, movie remakes, Total Recall, current movie trailers, The Muppets, Harold and Kumar, Contraband, Storage Wars, Dumb and Dumber II: Dumb and Dumberer, when the movie is better than the book, the definition of a “boy band”, Ke$ha, “The Darkest Hour”, Transformers, and Michael Bay.

Comments, questions, and complaints about the show can be directed to

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